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venture capital meets private equity

Medellin    -    Dublin    -     Madrid    -    Dubai

long-term investing

in carefully selected startups having technology moats, international market fit, and can become scale-ups. We are agnostic to geographic areas and sectors

what we do...

funding and talent

advising and outsourcing to expedite the company growth and profit margins. We work on Strategy, Marketing, Technology & Finance

use of our funds

providing funding for organic & inorganic growth, CAP table restructuring or even co-founder replacement. We are happy to co-invest with other funds and our investors

We are not structured as a traditional fund, because we need more flexibility, both in the timeline of our investments and in setting up the right advising and outsourcing teams to expedite the growth of our portfolio.

We are going Public in the coming years, with the goal of being listed in Euronext, thus offering both transparency and liquidity to our investors without impacting in the companies of our portfolio.


current portfolio

we only target two excellent investments per year, with the goal of getting involved until the startups perform


we are also interested in fund managers targeting pre-seed, seed and early stage investements in certain geographies or sectors, particularly interested in GenAI and Blockchain

mentoring and advising

we are happy to collaborate with accelerators, funds and promising startups providing mentorship, advise and non-executive board membership



If you are an entrepreneur with a great startup ready to scale-up, or you want to invest with us, let us know!

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